Which Volkswagen Models Have CarPlay?

By Product Expert | Posted in New Technology, Safety on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Map in face, car in ditch.

Older movies and TV shows are full of the “big, opened roadmap covers drivers view, driver steers off road” scene. While maps have become much more compact, modern drivers still face an unsafe level of distraction from them in the form of technology.

The ubiquity of instantly-updated navigation software in smartphones means you have even smarter, safer ways than ever before to get from A-B. The always-connected nature of our 21st-century lives means you can call a restaurant to make reservations on the way, or send a text to let friends know to save you a seat at a movie theater, all while driving.

The problem is that these things require attention and eye-contact – Two things safe drivers don’t have to spare. What is the best way to get the most out of the necessary smartphone features without pulling your eyes or attention away from the road?

If you have an iPhone, the answer is CarPlay.

What is CarPlay

Either cynical about drivers’ willingness to not use their phones while driving, or wanting them to continue safely, Apple created CarPlay for use with their iPhone product line in 2014.

CarPlay connects to Apple iPhones through Bluetooth or USB and provides access to both SIRI (Apple’s intelligent voice assistant), and a selection of popular, road-worthy apps (Maps, Pandora, Phone, etc…) through a compatible in-console touch-screen radio device.

Apple CarPlay with radio screen_o

Drivers are able to ask SIRI to send/read text messages, buy movie tickets, get directions, and more all without taking their eyes and attention away from the road in front of them. Additionally, CarPlay’s user-interface for compatible radio displays magnifies text and simplifies navigation to make using compatible apps as quick as possible.

Does My Car Have CarPlay?

If you’ve synchronized your iPhone to your newer-model Volkswagen, you may already be using CarPlay.

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CarPlay features an easy-to-recognize UI that should make it immediately apparent whether or not your vehicle’s infotainment system is compatible. If you don’t see something like this when you connect your iPhone to your vehicle, you don’t have CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay with Volkswagen App-Connect_o

Which Volkswagen Models Have CarPlay?

Volkswagen’s commitment to driver and passenger safety has made CarPlay a standard feature on most of their 2017 models with a similar lineup for 2018 expected. Here are all of the 2017 Volkswagen models that support this innovative safety and convenience enhancement for iPhone owners:

  • 2017 Beetle/Cabriolet
  • 2017 Golf/e-Golf/GTI/SportWagen/R/2018 Alltrack
  • 2017 CC
  • 2017 Jetta
  • 2017 Passat
  • 2017, 2018 Tiguan/Limited
  • 2017 Touareg
  • 2018 Atlas

This list is by no means expansive, and its very likely that we’ll see updated models available for 2018 that feature Apple’s unique and innovative software.

For more information on CarPlay, or to test-drive one of the vehicles that utilizes CarPlay, contact us today!

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