Is the Volkswagen EPC Warning Light Dangerous?

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EPC Volkswagen Dashboard Light Meaning

Your Volkswagen has a large number of warning lights and sensors that work together to find any issues with the vehicle, and alert you. No matter how carefully you drive, eventually a car will need a part replaced and you’ll see a dashboard warning light. One confusing indicator for Volkswagen owners is the yellow EPC warning light. We’re here to tell you not to panic, and to give you some potential reasons why you’re seeing this pop up on your dashboard. 

Volkswagen Dashboard Light: Yellow EPC Indicator

Volkswagen Service Tips and help Ramsey NJIf you see that yellow EPC light show up on your Volkswagen vehicle dashboard, don’t worry too much. While we do suggest that you bring your vehicle in to see a skilled technician when you get a chance, there are a variety of different potential causes that vary in repair cost and concern level. Before you schedule your appointment, give us a call and we’ll tell you more about your options and whether you need to bring in your vehicle as soon as possible.

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Here are four different parts of your Volkswagen that might need repair or replacement if your yellow EPC light turns on:

  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Brake Light Switch
  • Engine Speed Sensor
  • Throttle Body

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Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Lights Help
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