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All-New Volkswagen Arteon Engine Options, Performance Specs

Monday, March 13th, 2017
2018 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line Engine Performance

It isn’t every day that an all-new sports car debuts with the style and performance of the Volkswagen Arteon, which will hopefully be available later this year, or in early 2018. We’ve got new images of the Arteon and the engine options available here. Check out the performance specifications and all-new technology features that will make the Arteon a fastback that is as fun to drive as it is to look at.   (more…)

An End to Parking Lot Accidents

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
self-parking vehicle release date

We all know that it is tricky to navigate parking lots. From dealing with other cars driving every possible direction, to small spaces that make the parking process tight and risky, there are things we all hate. The future of Volkswagen might lead to the everyday driver giving up the parking lot stress altogether! Looking for a vehicle with automatic parking release date in New Jersey? We’ll help you out with that!  (more…)

Do All Volkswagen Vehicles Need Synthetic Oil?

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Does My Volkswagen Need Synthetic Oil?

Volkswagen vehicles come with the benefit of being uniquely German. With each passing vehicle being so similar in style and size, the Volkswagen family has been able to retain it’s styling and high quality design. With such excellent features and performance, you may find yourself wondering, “does my volkswagen need synthetic oil,” or “is getting a diesel vehicle worth the investment?” We are here to answer these questions and more!  (more…)

High Tech Solution to Stop Intoxicated Drivers

Friday, June 5th, 2015
Cars detect alcohol blood content

Alcohol Detection Technology in Cars Coming Soon

Vehicle brands have been working for years to help make driving safer for everyone on the road. While there are technologies that help keep drivers from driving out of their lane, or that can help prevent accidents, it is the drivers’ decision whether they are too intoxicated to drive. In the next few years we might see vehicles that can make the decision for you, through the use of alcohol detection technology in cars coming soon. We’ll tell you what we know:   (more…)