An End to Parking Lot Accidents

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We all know that it is tricky to navigate parking lots. From dealing with other cars driving every possible direction, to small spaces that make the parking process tight and risky, there are things we all hate. The future of Volkswagen might lead to the everyday driver giving up the parking lot stress altogether! Looking for a vehicle with automatic parking release date in New Jersey? We’ll help you out with that! 

Parking Ramps Will Be Your Friend

Gone will be the days of searching for a parking spot in a parking ramp while navigating the rows of vehicles and pedestrians in a parking ramp. The team at Volkswagen has been developing new vehicles that will find a spot and park themselves in a ramp autonomously. The stress of finding a spot will instantly be solved as your vehicle drives away to park itself and will return when you need it again.

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Electric Vehicles Will Charge Themselves

Not only has VW heard the cries of frustrating drivers about stressful parking lots, but they are working to change the lack of EV charging stations! Parking garages of the future could offer drivers automatic charging for their EV. Smart automatic parking on an EV would search for a charging spot automatically and park there to get topped off while you run your errands. If one isn’t open, VW designers have said that their vehicles would wait and park in a charging station once one becomes available.

Technology Meets Affordability!

Possibly the best part of all these advancements would be the fact that Volkswagen wants to make these types of luxuries and technology features available to average car shoppers. Some active safety and convenience features are going to be available on standard VW vehicles by 2017! Gone are the days of only luxury vehicles offering advanced safety options. We’ll finally be able to experience the latest in vehicle technology for a more realistic price, and it’s going to be fantastic.

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