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Tiguan Receives Prestigious “Best Compact SUV of 2017 Award”

Friday, October 20th, 2017

What is the Best Compact Crossover SUV?

We get a lot of customers on our lot comparing Volkswagen vehicles to some of their more heavily-marketed competitors. Who can blame them? When you hear the term “RAV4,” or “CR-V” over and over again throughout your day or week, it becomes something you start to think about. Many drivers are wondering “What is the best compact crossover SUV?”

There are, after all, almost a dozen models to choose from in this relative-new, but insanely-popular class of automobiles. (more…)

Bergen County and Ramsey, NJ Trick or Treat Hours and Safety Tips

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Fall colors, fun costumes, and scary decorations… Halloween is a fun and wonderful time of the year! Maybe nobody looks forward to the festivities more than children! After all, for kids Halloween means one thing – candy. Trick-or-treating is a time-honored tradition and a great way for kids to learn the important skills of hard work and theatrical persuasion.

As proud members of Ramsey, and Bergen County, we know that what we have here is uncommon. Many places don’t enjoy the feelings of safety and hospitality that we receive in Ramsey. Ramsey is a great city for families and a wonderful city for trick-or-treating. (more…)

What is the Fastest Volkswagen Car?

Monday, October 9th, 2017
what is the fastest volkswagen car ramsey nj volkswagen golf r_o

Volkswagen Golf Hits Unbelievable Performance Numbers in Video

A brand centered around practicality, it’s rare to hear Volkswagen car touted as a performance brand. That being said, the performance enthusiast community has historically rallied around certain Volkswagen models like the Bug, turning them into icons of performance in offbeat packaging. (more…)

2018 Volkswagen Passat: What to Expect

Monday, October 2nd, 2017
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If you had to guess what the number one Volkswagen of all time was, you’d probably say the Beetle. While the Beetle has enjoyed mile-marker status throughout history (and celebrity status for its role in the Love Bug movies, the correct answer is actually the VW Passat. It’s a quiet hero in the mid-size car field. (more…)