Is it Worth Paying for a Professional Tire Puncture Repair?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service Center, Tips and Tricks on Friday, June 16th, 2017 at 7:21 pm

When it comes to car tires, there are a few things that can throw a wrench in things. Even though a nail puncture won’t usually cause a flat tire, you’ll want to have it repaired properly. Follow these steps to get your tire back in shape for the road at Joe Heidt Motors Corp.  

Repairing a Nail in Car Tire Puncture

Your tire isn’t flat, but you saw that shiny glint of a nail head in your tire. What next?

Check The Tire Pressure: 

You should be checking this regularly, but when there’s a nail, you really need to check it out. If the PSI is has dropped significantly, it’s a good idea to throw on a spare tire before driving to the service center for repair. If the PSI has remained pretty steady, just top it off and make your appointment.

Visit the Service Center:  

Once you come in, our service experts will remove the nail, plug the hole, and patch the tire. There are certain parts of the tire, like the sidewall, which cannot be repaired with a plug and patch.

Replace the Tire?:  

If the puncture is unable to be repaired, we can help you choose a replacement tire for an affordable price. Have a chat with the service technicians at Joe Heidt Motors and get your car back on the road in no time!

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