Volkswagen Steering Wheel Dashboard Light Meaning

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Volkswagen Dashboard Lights Help

Whether we’ve had our vehicles for a week or several years, there are a number of parts and systems that can break or need repair. While we hope your Volkswagen is in perfect health and is running its very best, we also know that it’s important for you to understand the dashboard warning lights when it comes time to get something fixed. We’re here to tell you about the Volkswagen steering wheel dashboard light meaning, and more!  

Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Lights

When your vehicle isn’t feeling its best, your dashboard indicator lights are there to help! By making sure you are aware when a warning light pops up, you can keep yourself from further damaging your vehicle. We will tell you what some of the more confusing lights mean, and how important they are.

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Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Light Red Exclamation Point

One or more bulbs on license plate are burned out.
Oil level is low, check oil ASAP. If oil is not low, oil sensor may have an issue.
One of the following issues: a) parking brake is on. b) ABS malfunction (if ABS light is also on). c) low brake fluid.
Potential rain sensor issue. Turn off engine and turn back on. If light is still illuminated, bring in for service.
Do not continue to drive. It’s an issue with the steering assist. See a service center. 

Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Light DRL

Your diesel engine pre-glow system is switched on. If flashing, there’s a malfunction in the diesel system.
Your daytime running lights are on.
Your particulate filter is blocked. Check owner’s manual for instruction.
Your fuel cap is off or missing.
You are using the incorrect key.

Volkswagen Warning lights Red Bottle

You need to refill the AdBlue tank, or there’s an issue in the AdBlue System.
Your engine won’t restart. Your AdBlue level is too low.
Your automatic transmission is malfunctioning. Have this checked by a service center immediately.
One or more of your brake lights are burned out.
Your brake pads are wearing out.

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