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Is Flushing My Transmission Worth the Time?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Transmission Issues Liquid Low

Is your transmission worrying you? Do you find yourself wondering, “should I get my transmission flushed?” We are here to help you figure that out and to guide you through the decision making process. We may find you wondering, where can I get my transmission flushed in Ramsey NJ? That’s what we are here to tell you today!


Do I Really Need to Wax My Car?

Sunday, May 10th, 2015
Waxing the car RAMSEY NJ

Taking a close look at your car, you might notice that it’s just not as shiny as it once was. A fantastic way to fix that is to wash the windows and give it a good wash. However, you might feel that it’s still not glimmering in the sun the way you imagined. Does your car need to be waxed in the spring? Read on to find out whether you should give it a wax, or if it’s not worth the effort. (more…)

Must-Have Items in Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

Monday, April 20th, 2015
Guide to building the perfect emergency kit for in the car

what you need to include in an emergency kit for the car

Do you feel confident that your vehicle will get you where you need to go? That’s a great feeling, but even if you are pretty confident, there are times when life throws a curve-ball. We all know what this emergency kit is for. It’s for the day you are on your way somewhere and your car decides to stop working in the middle of nowhere in a crazy rain or snow storm and you are told that you’ll have to wait at least an hour for help to arrive. Sound like a disaster? Plan for vehicle emergencies with this guide to see what you need to include in an emergency kit for the car. (more…)

Welcome to Our Blog!

Monday, April 6th, 2015
Welcome to the blog!

Volkswagen dealership and service center in Ramsey NJ

We are so happy you are here! Welcome to our online home and our blog page. Joe Heidt Volkswagen is a Volkswagen dealership and service center in Ramsey NJ. We offer a variety of service and a large inventory of both new and used vehicles to fit any budget. Conveniently located near Jersey City, our dealership is here to serve all of your automotive needs. (more…)