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Tips for Driving in Sleet and Icy Roads

Sunday, December 20th, 2015
Driving on icy roads Tips for new drivers

When it comes to winter driving, even the warmer temperatures this year can’t promise completely safe driving conditions on the road. Should the temperatures slip below freezing, even if only for a little while, the rain can turn to ice and the wet roads can become incredibly slippery. We’re here to give you our best tips for driving in sleet and icy roads. It’s important to keep you and your passengers safe, so be sure to use these tips when you head out onto the roads this winter. (more…)

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2016 Volkswagen Touareg

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
2016 Tiguan vs 2016 Touareg

Touareg vs Tiguan: What’s the Difference?

The Volkswagen lineup for 2016 includes two great-looking crossover SUVs with power and versatility. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, we want to help you make the right choice for your lifestyle. Are you looking for luxury and comfort? Do you need space for the family and a fuel efficient engine? If so, we are sure you’ll find something you love here at Joe Heidt Motors in Ramapo NY. (more…)

2016 Volkswagen Passat vs 2016 Nissan Altima

Sunday, December 6th, 2015
2016 Nissan Altima vs 2016 VW passat

Looking for a Nissan Altima? Try the Volkswagen Passat!

When you’re in the market for a midsize sedan, the choices seem endless. However, the team at Volkswagen has cooked up an incredible-looking Passat for 2016. It’s complete facelift makes it a sleek and sporty option for those looking to drive in style, without paying a fortune. The Nissan Altima is a vehicle with great features, but we’re sure that if you love the Altima, you’re sure to find the VW Passat even more exciting! (more…)

All-new Volkswagen Phaeton Will Rival Electric Tesla

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
2016 Volkswagen Phaeton Details

Volkswagen Postpones Release of Electric Volkswagen Phaeton

When it comes to crafting luxury, few brands offer the timelessness or precision of the Volkswagen brand. Its long history of successful vehicles makes it a great choice for those looking to drive a car with classic design and functionality. The recent news of Volkswagen updating and redesigning a 2017 VW Phaeton Electric Vehicle is exciting for drivers out there who have been waiting to see what innovation awaits in VW’s future. We’ll tell you what we know so far.  (more…)